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David’s Essential Pruning for Gardeners video training course for Learning with Experts in conjunction with Gardeners’ World Magazine

Discover how to get the best from your garden with this Essential Pruning for Gardeners course. The 4-lesson course shows how trees, shrubs and fruit bushes grow, reveals the best time to prune woody plants and shows how to make the right cuts every time.

Lesson 1 – This looks at the stems, buds and leaves which make up plants and the basic pruning cuts, together with tools for the job.

Lesson 2 – How and where to prune shrubs grown for summer flowers, colourful winter stems and exotic foliage effects.

Lesson 3 – Ways to maximise the display of winter- and spring-flowering shrubs so they don’t outgrow their space.

Lesson 4 – Using your knowledge to summer prune vigorous plants, and to encourage more flowers and fruit.


Follow the link to the course for more details.