So many gardeners have questions about pruning: How far do I need to cut? When is the best time to prune? My shrubs are a tangled mess… Can you help?

And yet with a little bit of knowledge, a few expert tips and tuition from someone who knows what they’re talking about, we can all become enthusiastic pruners. And your plants will repay your careful attentions by being more productive, not outgrowing their welcome and looking more shapely.

So, after more than 30 years as a trained gardener, horticultural lecturer, magazine editor and garden writer, I’m heading up pruning classes that will arm you with all you need to make the right cuts every time. And over the coming season it’s not just pruning that you can learn about – I’ll be running beginner and advanced classes on a wide range of topics that will help you to become a better gardener. In fact, why not make that your New Year’s resolution, and get so much more from your favourite hobby?