This recycled traitional Lancashire cotton mill bobbin makes a prefect stand for a reel of garden twine, with a handy hole in the top for a pair of scissors (included). I have one of these in the greenhouse where it is ready to use when I’m tying up my tomato plants – a regular job in the summer. It would make the perfect gift for anyone who, like me, loves finding a new use for items rather than them ending up in the recycling box or, worse still, the rubbish bin. Ideal for the gardener and non-gardener alike!

Comes with a reel of 100% biodegradable jute twine and a handy pair of metal scissors, all in a cardboard presentation gift cylinder.

Bobbin base 78mm diameter; bobbin height 155mm

Twine reel, 100mm high x 65mm diameter; 110m length of 3-ply twine

Scissors 105mm long x 62mm wide