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The Raised Bed Book

David Hurrion

The Raised Bed Book is filled with creative ideas. It includes what to plant in them, planting plans, diagrams, and clear step-by-step photography. In addition, it includes what to build them from. David Hurrion’s new book draws on his lifetime of gardening experience. It brings you the ultimate guide to planning and making raised beds – whether it’s to grow your own crops or to get more from your ornamental plants.

Raised beds offer the perfect way to tailor the soil and growing conditions to suit the plants you want to grow. They also offer great design potential to bring form and structure to any growing space. Plus, they help us be more productive in smaller spaces, reduce pressure on wildlife, and keep the soil in tip-top condition. And, of course, they’re a brilliant way to bring the useable growing spaces up to a level that’s easier to care for.


This book is your one-stop reference for all you need to plan, design, build and grow in raised beds. It shares ideas about making raised beds that are good for plants, good for you and make the most of your plot. And in it, David Hurrion shares tips, advice and inspiration on planning, designing and building these useful growing spaces.

The Raised Bed Book is the final word on growing, siting and designing above ground. It also looks at choosing materials and growing media. In addition there are tips on-going maintenance and how best to care for your plants.

Copies of this unique book, signed by David, are available exclusively from Norman and Vera Gardening Emporium. You can also request a special message to be written in the book too! The ideal gift for the special gardener in your life or as your own keepsake reference book.

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The definitive step-by-step guide to elevated growing

The fundamentals

The Fundamentals

Planting in raised beds dates back thousands of years. The structures and cultural techniques have been handed down the generations to result in a diverse range of bed designs and growing systems. Many are still in use today around the globe. The Raised Bed Book has inspiring ideas to help you grow, from the raised table beds of South America to the keyhole gardens of Southern Africa.

What could you grow?

The Raised Bed Book - What Could You Grow?

Both crop and ornamentals benefit from growing in raised beds. The soil and compost mixture can be adapted to suit all manner of plants. It can be gritty for alpines, or moisture-retentive for bog and marginal plants. And The Raised Bed Book looks at how soil pH can be manipulated as well, to suit the needs of ericaceous plants or lime-lovers. And everything in between!

Designing a bed

Designing A Bed

Raised beds offer lots of opportunities when it comes to designing your growing space. This could be to terrace a sloping plot or to bring your garden plot into easy reach. Raised borders can also make the most of plants and help screen boundaries. The Raised Bed Book has lots of useful diagrams and easy-to-understand advice to help with this. Plus it’ll show you the best place to site your beds.

How to build

How To Build

Gardening is made easier with raised beds which create level planting surfaces and help hold soil in place. The Raised Bed Book helps you choose soils and compost mixes that are sustainable and will give the best conditions for your plants. It has advice on building supporting walls with a whole range of different materials, plus easy-to-follow construction tips and projects.

Care and maintenance

Care And Maintenance

Raised beds need good quality plants and to be well looked after. The Raised Bed Book is packed with useful aftercare tips. There’s advice on raising plants from seeds and cuttings. And it explains how to keep soil in tip-top condition, as well as on watering and feeding. Pruning and cutting back, as well as tackling weeds, pests and diseases are also covered. As a result it is the only book you’ll need!

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The Raised Bed Book – Reviews

“Few gardening books that are able to cover all aspects of a particular topic thoroughly, but author David Hurrion has managed it with The Raised Bed Book. As well as being a great read, this is ultimately a very practical guide offering sound step-by-step help. It is a book that will be taken off the shelf to be consulted again and again.”

Steve Bradley,