Our favourite presenters are those that we feel a connection with, usually through a combination of their personality, believability and knowledge. And the modern information-rich world is full of images, moving and still, which aim to stimulate and connect with us. Meanwhile, with mobile devices so readily to hand, it is easy to take pictures or shoot video. But to ensure the best engagement and communication with an audience, all aspects of the visual medium need careful consideration, composition and presentation.

As a trained teacher, David has taught at various horticultural colleges and is at ease in front of a live audience. He has instructed students both at theory and practical level, understanding the need to explain and demonstrate his topic in a way that results in learning. This means that he can present in a classroom, on stage and on screen. And after planning, directing and appearing in hundreds of photographic shoots for gardening magazines, he realises the need to show what’s going on in a clear and understandable way.

His IPC Media training when he worked for Amateur Gardening magazine included TV and video skills courses which were put to good use in the mid 1990’s when he was asked to be the ‘garden guru’ on satellite TV for UK Living’s Live at 3, a magazine-style programme presented by Jayne Irving which ran for a number of years. This involved both live broadcasts and pre-recorded items which David researched, scripted and co-presented. He also made a number of appearances as a garden expert and commentator on BBC1’s Good Morning with Anne and Nick, at Pebble Mill studios. Such TV work help him become naturally at ease in front of the camera.

While working as horticultural editor and deputy editor for BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, David presented numerous practical demonstrations in front of large live audiences at BBC Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC. At the same event, he has also co-presented items with TV’s Carol Klein, as well as conducting live stage interviews with Mary Berry and Alan Titchmarsh. He continues to make appearances at this national show, presenting practical demonstrations in front of a live audience.

In addition, he has worked with the editor of to develop video formats for the website, including the No Fuss Guides and Quick Tips. For these he has researched, scripted and presented many practical, instructive and informative videos.

Professional skills and services that can help your product, business or project…

  • Appearing on TV and video as a plant specialist, gardening expert and commentator on TV and video formatsĀ 

  • Researching specific gardening and horticultural content for particular strands

  • Collaborating on and developing gardening formats for video and TV

  • Working with nurseries and companies to develop promotional video ideas for plants, products and equipment in the gardening market

  • Presenting talks in front of live audiences at gardening shows and events

  • Demonstrating practical gardening techniques and equipment in front of a live audience

  • Scripting and presenting garden tour videos for promotional purposes and websites

  • Setting up, directing and featuring in stills shoots for magazine and web content

  • Developing websites and visual web contentĀ 

“It’s always a pleasure working with David on our practical videos – he’s a great presenter and knows his subject inside out.”

Dan Haynes , Editor, gardeners

“David is amazingly knowledgeable about all aspects of gardening and horticulture, borne of his wide experience. I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with him for many years.”

Carol Klein, Plantswoman, author and TV presenter

Video projects that David has consulted and written for, helped direct, and appeared in…